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The Purchase And Sale Dried Plums Price

The purchase and sale of different types of dried plums price have a little change every year. Do you know the price of different types of stewed plums that were produced in 2019? Did you know that summer is the beginning of the season for processing dried prunes in different cities of Iran? Every year, many people looks for dried plums and prunes of stewed plums or nuts.

Everyone knows the best type of stewed plum or dried plums as Bukhara plum, but you should know that not all dried plums are Bukhara plums; Depending on the type of fresh fruit, the stewed plum can have sour, sweet or sour flavors. For example, Bukhara plum is a kind of sweet and tasty stewed plum, which is also the best-selling type. But there are other types of dried plums that are in the dimensions and shape of Bukhara plums but have a sour or smooth taste.

A Variety Of  High Quality Stewed Plums

dried plums price

  • Bukhara dried plums are the best-selling dried plums in the domestic market and export
  • Dried black plums, which are mostly used as nuts.
  • Golden Plums and Dried Drupelet, which are mostly exported to Arab countries.
  • Green and Black Plums used in pickling and Fruit_Rolly.
  • California plums, which has recently been dried and peeled.
  • Santa Rosa plum, which is very attractive for sour production after processing and preparing dried plums.
  • Wine plum, which has a very good demand in the export market and the domestic market.
  • Haj_Hassani plum is one of the types of national Iranian plums, which are also other types
  • Shoghani plum has a sweet taste and yellow color.

dried plums price

Of course, all peeled plums have a yellow color due to the yellow texture of the plum flesh. But some of these plums are yellow because the fruit itself is yellow. Their dried plums products have a more attractive yellow color, although eventually all peeled stewed plums take on the so-called smoky or sulfur coating.

Look for sunsweet whole dried plums in this site’s articles.

Buy A Variety Of Stewed Plums

Buying a variety of stewed plums is done through dried fruit distribution agencies or investors in this field. Traders in the field of prunes and prunes know very well which cities in Iran are the main producers of quality plums without skin or with skin. You can buy all kinds of stewed plums from the following list throughout the year:

  • Buy Neyshabur stew plums
  • Buy Khansar stew plums
  • Buy Bukhara stew plums
  • Buy Maragheh stew plums
  • Buy golden stew plums
  • Buy stewed sour plums
  • Buy Bukhara sun plums

And many other types of stewed dried plums that can be inquired 24 hours a day by buying kinds of dried plums at the current price. Best of dried sweet plums from Iran is Shoghani and Torghabe dried plums. All of dried plums in Parsfaravar Company produced and sells to every region of countries.

Which Stew Plums Should I Consume?

dried plums price

For many who are reading this specialized content on the Iran Plums site, the question arises, which stew dried plum should I choose to consume?

For example, Khansar salty plum is one of the famous and special types in the field of stewed plums and dried plums in Iran. This plum is dried with the skin and because the traditional method of boiling is used in its production and the peeling is not done in it, it has its own customers because they also add salt to it in the processing process. The name of Khansar salted plums or Khansar sour plums is known. Khansar sour plums is without salt and the price of plum is slightly higher than the average price of other stew plums.

Neyshabur Bukhara plums are also used in sunny and golden varieties for the domestic market and the export of dried plums, the price of which is usually higher than the average price of dried plums produced in Iran. The reason for this is the taste and charm of the appearance of stewed plums in this region.

Buy stewed plums from reputable businesses so that you can consider the quality in the process of supplying the product you need to export to other countries in the field of export plums from the beginning.

Businesses that specialize in

  • Plum trees
  • Dried Plum stew
  • Fruit-Roll
  • Plums seed

They are well aware of the quality of work of the producers of dried plum, and if your order is presented to them in detail and with full specifications, they will definitely coordinate with you in providing the desired product with qualitative and quantitative characteristics. Will have.

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Sell Dried And Fresh Stewed Plums

dried plums price

For the sale of dried and fresh stewed plums produced in the same season, there are very good communication channels for customers.

All kinds of fresh stewed plums produced in the same year are offered with suitable carton packaging quality.

The difference between Bukhara plums and other stewed plums is that they are customer-friendly, and Bukhara plum has long been known by its name. Alubukhara price for costumers orders have very good for wholesaling and trading in your countries. Look for organic dried prunes in Parsfaravar Commpany‘s productions.

Inquiry About The Latest Bukhara Dried Plums Price

Do you want to know where to buy dried plums ? Continue with us …

Is there a safer way for the major buyer than to coordinate the last price of the Bukhara plum by phone with the company’s commercial director and receive the company in the simplest and most hassle-free way by receiving the company’s invoice?

In this site, all kinds of stewed plums are presented in illustrated form and with full explanations. It is possible for you to sell all kinds of stewed plums produced by Parsfaravar Company. All you have to do is contact us now. Many of dried plums in Hindi is imported from Pakistan that it’s mainly from Iran country. Dry Aloo Bukhara in Iran called ALOOKHOSHK is a very delicious of dried fruits have many mounts of calcium and potassium.

dried plums price

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