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Parsfaravar Co. Tomato Paste Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters

In this article you can know Tomato paste manufacturers and suppliers and exporters from Parsfaravar Company, an Industrial Business Fruit Group. Tomato is a very high quantity vegetable in Iran’s lands. Farmers harvesting many kinds of tomatoes good for tomato and pastes.

Buy Bulk Tomato Paste

For the information of dear customers of Parsfaravar Industrial Fruit Company, considering the special production line, it has started to produce 300,000 tons of high quality tomato paste in 2019. In the production of this paste, different types of southern tomatoes, Zanjan, have been used.

  • Sauce
  • Canned paste
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Canned food

Wholesale Tomato Paste Prices

Tomato Paste Manufacturers

Parsfaravar Co. have Iran tomato paste manufacturers factories producing with Kusher Standard quality. Good tomato paste, the color of which is 2, and is also bought by big customers.

Direct Purchase of Tomato Paste from the Factory

To buy tomato paste directly from the factory, it is enough to receive the official invoice of Parsfaravar Industrial Fruit Company in your city after depositing the contract number, so that you can be delivered to the consignee in your city with ease and very ease.

Tomato paste suppliers try to produce more quantity of tomato paste in production season. But Parsfaravar Co. have his own costumers and try to produce with a high quality in flavor and colors with organic tomatoes.

Bulk Organic Tomato Paste

Tomato Paste Manufacturers

Tomato paste order quantity determine that costumer want an Organic Tomato Paste or a low price Tomato Paste. We produced the organic tomatoes in Iran and Turkey lands and farmers harvest without chemical fertilizer and other chemical additions. Color of our tomato paste is on number 2 and have very delicious flavor.

Tomato Paste Manufacturers in Turkey and Iran

If you want to buy more than  tons on each orders, Turkey & Iranian Manufacturers are the best choices. but Why?

  • Low logistic costs
  • High quantity of inventory
  • High quality of packing
  • The possibility of doing easy world trade

Tomato Paste Factory in Iran

Tomato Paste Manufacturers

Wholesale of Brix 35 tomato paste with Aseptic and bulk packaging of this company are done through this site. Tomato paste producers factory in Iran

Tomato Paste Wholesale

You can buy in whole quantity with very good price. Costumers buy bulk tomato paste continue in more next orders. Our company’s business unit also offers special discounts for regular and old customer orders fruit paste, fruit puree and fruit concentrate. This is our loyalty strategy in the company.

Call The Major Buyer of Tomato Past

If you are a major buyer of bulk or spice tomato paste to produce canned paste or you need to produce the following factories, contact the sales and commercial experts of this site.

Tomato Paste Manufacturers

tomato paste bulk price

The tomato paste price per ton in bulk and for each brix is ​​15 $. If you want a cheaper price, the optical tomato paste will be offered with a lower price.

The announced price is for the best tomato paste with Brix 35.

Tomato Paste Sale in Parsfaravar Factory Door

For your information, dear buyer, the sale of tomato paste is done at the door of Parsfaravar factory. Traders and buyers of tomato paste exports to Iraq, Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, … and other countries can only purchase the factory door in cash as an Ex-Work.

Tomato Paste Manufacturers

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